• Introduction

The aim of our collaboration with this research project, consists on showing the relationship between culture, political philosophy and economy in China, and the main role of architecture and urban design as catalyzers for political and social ideologies through different buildings and community structures. On the other hand, the use of digital technologies through all the research project, aims to open up new discussions about how the digital can reframe the analysis of non-planned urban forms, not only from the point of view of form, but also understanding how people have occupied and used the space during time and within an external context.

  • Research

Several Issues about Jiuxianqiao Residential District

  • Re-render the Previous China by Drawings

The objects have their own identity and are part of our environment. They generate memories and they have their memory “The objects that give meaning to a place and an affective charge acquire another status from the symbolic order; they become autobiographies and signs of inhabited places and of enunciation of memory; that is to say, the objects end up being representations of the personal and collective history and vehicles to return to see and to cross the territory. They are the compass and the guide of return to find the way to the already inhabited”.

Line drawing of specific items such as different types of computer models produced by the 738 factory.

Details about Other Machines

Illustration of The Historical Scene of the Jiuxianqiao Residential Area – Gate

Illustration of The Historical Scene of the Jiuxianqiao Residential Area – Interior

  • Current Time

We use the point cloud data analysis and fragmentation to discover hidden patterns within the current structures of the space, giving a new perspective of the relation between people, culture and space.

Collaborative Project
Collaborated with artist Caofei and FIELD Office
Work Responsibility: Research on basic modelling of the space, drawing and analysis for Collective Living
Jul.2018 – Sept.2018