‘Submerge’ is a real-time audio-visual performance that reproduces sounds and sights from the ocean by integrating digital media and traditional compositions. The artist combines real-world images of the ocean in different weather and time of day and underwater creatures with synthetic water sounds, whale songs, and traditional classical music to present the natural, mysterious, fragile, and precarious ocean. Meanwhile, the artist also captures sound data in real time to generate a dreamy, imaginary underwater world in the future. The combination of music and visuals allows the audience to experience the confrontation and coexistence between human and nature with multiple senses. The deep blue sound spectrum at the end of the piece takes the audience to the deepest part of the ocean and leads them to rethink their relationship with it.

Live Performance at Willesden Gallery

Audio Visual – Danni Zheng
Composer – Suting Han

Live Performance
Audio Visual Artist – Danni Zheng
Composer – Suting Han
Accordina – Christopher Kang
Violoncello I – Xiaodi Zhao
Violoncello II – Ziheng Yu
Piano – Andrew Yizhou Lu
Photographer – Siying Cui

Made with Touch Designer and Unity3D

May. 2022 – Aug. 2022

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