• Brief & Video

The three segments of the videos present the evolution of life and the production of matter from three aspects: human, plant, and architecture. Furthermore, these show that the existence of matter and life is based on the smallest unit. That is created by the use of point, line, surface formal languages, and the use of photography and three-dimensional modeling techniques.

In the evolution of life and the production of matter, no matter how they changes, all of them will return to their original appearance.

  • Research

The process of digitial imaging is related to the speed of computer calculation.The process of the existence of objects and lives is related to the speed of the composition and disintegration of the smallest units.
The dreams or visual residuals we see are the transformation of a scene in the time dimension or in one dimension of a particular activity or a life scene that takes place in our life. These images can constitute a complete event (matter), of course, this also means that all things in the world can be traced back through these images.

Selection – About Nature and Manufacture
I selected three objects — cell, tree and architcecture, to represent the evolution of life and the production of matter. Then I extracted the basic elements from these objects. Finally, I found the most crucial form — point, line and plane.

  • Creative Process

I took some photos in Shanghai in December, 2017. Then, I edited photos to make them suit for my project, while I imagined some scenes and draw the storyboard. Finally, I put the post-production of images into Cinema 4D and place them as materials on the model.

Producer: Danni Zheng
Music: Aeoliah – Angels of Victory; Tony Anderson – Dwell; Capo Productions – Tempest
Jan.2018 – March.2018

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