‘Lost in Deep Blue’ is an immersive interactive experience. During lockdown, it is hard to appreciate nature. For that reason, I would like to create an infinite virtual natural world in the limited interior physical space. In this project, I explored digital materials for making the splendid visualisation.

Blue, a color that stands for tranquility, creativity and technology, can be seen everywhere from the deep sea to the land to the outer space. When audiences enter the blue immersive space, they might feel extremely peaceful, temporarily escape the depression of living alone, or regulate their emotions.

  • Sketches
  • Main Elements and Technical Details
  • Immersive Cube Model and Drawing

3D Model– Blender
Interactive Images– Unity 3D, TouchOSC, Kinect
Projection Mapping Output– Resolume

Sound Resourcehttps://freesound.org/

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