• Research

At the beginning of this project, I had a field trip from Tower Gateway to Canary Wharf and then went to the Greenwich. I tried to record the location of this trip and find “0 Longtitude” at Greenwich Observatory. Meanwhile, I found the Isle of Dogs is a really interesting area, so I studied the history of this area.

London Docklands is one of the largest and most successful urban redevelopment projects because it has been transformed a dying industrial area into one of the most thriving financial hubs.

This mapping describes the past, the present and the future in London Docklands.

  • Mindmap
  • London Docklands Current and Future Scenarios

Citizens might be live in the family friendly communities such as the shared community.
Future mobility – There will be full of tracks and public transport will dominate the city. At the same time, people’s lives and travel are all about railways (including all the food, clothing, life, work…)
New kinds of jobs will keep popping up. Future career will be changed as for the emergence of new technologies and the shift of area function.
Land will be occupied by buildings and human activities. Skyscrapers probably get more and more and then take over the city.
Continuous ecological balance and sustainable development influence future citizens’ lifestyle. There is a possibility that everything will be no pollution. Of courese, as for the global warming, the future city will have a chance to become a flooded city and people will be swallowed up by the environment.

  • Exhibition in Dyson Gallery

Oct. 2019 – Dec. 2019

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