• Record The Present


There is a cardinal rule of the world, although it looks a little chaotic. Every slight movement has an impact on the surrounding environment, yet it will be recovered as soon as possible.


Human is fragile.


During the third lockdown, we can just stay at home and look outside. Do everything in our home.

I scanned my home and capture the scenery outside my home. Then I moved around inside the room, listened to the music and noises from my neighbours.


As for staying and working at home, we usually get information from the Internet, but the overload information and disinformation have stuffed the cyber world. It is hard to distinguish between wrong and truth. Does the truth still matter?

  • Before And After The Global Pandemic

We are currently living in a changeable and chaotic world. In 2019, I did a project about the past, current, and future of London docklands. In 2020, our normal life suddenly interrupted by the global pandemic. The lifestyle, the environment the contains urban, nature and social environment and technology are all changed completely. We cannot ensure that is the last tragedy for human, so we need to adjust prospection to face the changeable future and rethink the foreseeable future.

  • Vision For New Future Scenarios

After the epidemic, will people pay more attention to their health condition? Is the home still warm harbour? Is shared space still about communication and saving money? What forms of access to physical or virtual spaces will change in the future? How will data eventually control humanity?

Several Rough Sketches

3D Model – Blender, 3D Scanner
Rendering and Interactive Part – Unity 3D, Kinect V2

Sound Resourcehttps://freesound.org/

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