‘Submerge’ is a real-time audio-visual performance that reproduces sounds and sights from the ocean by integrating digital media and traditional compositions. The artist combines real-world images of the ocean in different weather and time of day and underwater creatures with synthetic water sounds, whale songs, and traditional classical music to present the natural, mysterious, fragile, […]

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Mineral Wasteland V2.0

Mineral Wasteland is an immersive film that focuses on negative impacts of technological development on the natural environment and depicts the post-human age wasteland in which digital entities will still exist on the earth but integrate with nature. It will carry the memory of consumerism, modernism and capitalism in the present Anthropocene. Background After the […]

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Lost in Deep Blue | 鏡花水月

‘Lost in Deep Blue’ is an immersive interactive experience. During lockdown, it is hard to appreciate nature. For that reason, I would like to create an infinite virtual natural world in the limited interior physical space. In this project, I explored digital materials for making the splendid visualisation. Blue, a color that stands for tranquility, […]

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Hidden Facts Behind The Water

“Because it’s hidden, because you can’t see it. You tend to forget that it’s there.” – Alison Gilmour This video reveals some hidden stories behind the water industry. It is divided into three parts – the history of Industrial Revolution and cholera behind the dirty water, the Victorian sewer and unhealthy labour under high-pressure environment […]

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A Journey Through Springtime Along the River | 清明上河圖

Research In the Song Dynasty, teahouses were scattered all along streets in Bianjing and Lin’an. They were not a rarity even in remote villages. At that time, a teahouse carried more important functions than a place for tea drinking. It was not just where friends met and talked over tea. More importantly, the teahouse was […]

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New Collectivist Residence – Jiuxianqiao Residential Area Renovation

Research Site Location: Jiuxianqiao Liujiefang Building 11, Chaoyang District, BeijingTo the north of the building is the 798 Art Zone and the working population is mainly young. There is good infrastructure construction here such as large shopping malls in the east. The south side of the site is easily accessible as it is close to […]

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